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Choose a place to start based on your interest in the artist, artwork, or themes listed. Each page will include a video & activities to help you explore different ways to build capacity for having difficult conversations.

Carla Rodriguez

Skills Explored Include: legacy, stillness, witnessing, vulnerability, and more through the art of tintype photography.

Tintype Artist. Carla Rodriguez, talks about what she has learned about navigating the “ouchy” parts of life through her practice of a photographic technique made popular in the 1850s

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Tane Danger

Skills Explored Include: “Yes, and…”, listening, collaboration, openness, and giving yourself permission.

Improv Artist. Tane Danger embraces the gifts of using what we’re given and the uncertainty of not knowing what comes next as creative fodder for turning a hard situation into something not only easier to manage, but lighter to hold.

Explore through Tane's work

Anne Labovitz

Skills Explored Include: attentiveness, bridging, holding space, and relational listening.

Visual Artist. Anne Labovitz challenges isolation, loneliness, and disconnection by activating color and light in large-scale creations. She finds the healing depths for her work in interrelatedness and the gifts of seeing and being seen.

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Ta-coumba T. Aiken

Skills Explored Include: allowing for joy, asking good questions, honoring feelings, knowing yourself, and perspective.

Visual Artist. Ta-coumba T. Aiken is a lifelong artist who creates art to heal the hearts and souls of people and communities. He discusses using life experience and spiritual connection as inspiration for art and healing.

Coming soon!

Lori Greene

Skills Explored Include: listening, welcoming, courage, and honoring voice.

Mosaic Artist and Sculptor. Lori Greene uses her art and process for creating to transform trauma into healing enabling people to thrive personally, in community, and as community. Each piece she creates is a labor of love that tells a story of resilience, connection, and grace.

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